Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are home health technologies?

A: Home health technologies are devices and systems that can be used in the home to gather information about people and activities, and then report changes to those activities. For example, an emergency call pendant or a GPS tracker that can alert a caregiver or family member if a person needs help or has gotten lost.


Q: How do I know which technologies to use?

A: There are several ways to learn about home health technologies. After you have reviewed the training on the Minnesota Home Health Technology Center web site, use a nursing assessment or another assessment tool—like the Live Well At Home quiz—to determine the right technology to meet your needs. For example, if you’re concerned about falls, sensors can be installed to alert when changes in normal daily activities or events might lead to potential falls.


Q: How do I find these technologies?

A: Use the Minnesota Home Health Technologies Center web site to learn more about these technologies and search for products that match your needs.


Q: What are some examples of concerns or conditions that home health technology can support?

A: Home health technologies can monitor normal activities of daily living. If activities change, sensors and devices can send data to caregivers and family members via reports and alerts. For example, a decrease in opening a refrigerator could indicate a person is not eating regularly, or changes in toileting could indicate an emerging health concern.


Q: Is there a way to measure my risks for staying at home versus moving into assisted living or a nursing home?

A: Yes. The Live Well at Home online assessment quiz uses a simple question and answer format and asks questions to help identify your risks, make choices, take actions, and see your results. Links to the quiz can be found on the home page of the Minnesota Home Health Technology Center web site.


Q: Do I have to have Wi-Fi wireless in my home for these technologies?

A: Many devices work from either cellular or Wi-Fi connections. Be sure to check with the product vendor regarding specific connectivity requirements.


Q: Are there other resources besides the Minnesota Home Health Technology Center to find additional information or support?

A: Yes. You will find additional resources on the Resources page, as well as the Live Well At Home web site, Minnesota Help Info, and the Senior LinkAge Line at 1-800-333-2433, or email at


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