e-Health Sensor Platform

e-Health Sensor Platform measures and records a user’s vital signs. This system includes 10 different sensors: pulse, blood oxygen level (SPO2), airflow, body temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG), glucometer, galvanic skin response (GSR – sweating), blood pressure (sphygmomanometer), patient position (accelerometer) and muscle/eletromyography sensor (EMG). If real time image diagnosis is needed, a camera can be connected to the system. The system assists physicians with medical diagnosis and chronic disease management. The gathered data is stored to a Cloud server, which physicians and caregivers can view using iOS and Android devices.

What is it used for?

Personal Diagnostic Testing (PDT)

Who is it meant for?


Where can I get it?


What can it measure?

Blood Glucose Meter, Blood Pressure Cuff, Camera, ECG Sensor, EMG Sensor, Heart Rate, Oxygen Sensor, Peak Flow Meter, Thermometer

How will I interact with it?

Web Application

How does it communicate inside my home?


How does it send information outside my home?



Manufacturer: e-Health
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