Genesis Telemonitor

Genesis Telemonitor measures heart rate, blood pressure, weight and prompts users to answer health related questions. This device accommodates multiple medical peripherals such as a glucose meter or PT/INR device. It reminds users to take their vital signs through voice or text communication. It transmits data via a standard phone line and assists caregivers with remote care management.

What is it used for?

Education and Coaching, Emergency Response (PERS), Health Assessment, Medication Management, Personal Diagnostic Testing (PDT), Wellness / Activity Monitoring (WAM)

Who is it meant for?

Care Facilities, Care Providers

Where can I get it?


What can it measure?

Blood Glucose Meter, Blood Pressure Cuff, ECG Sensor, GPS Tracking, Heart Rate, Oxygen Sensor, PERS, Peak Flow Meter, Scale, Third-party Sensors

How will I interact with it?

Console Buttons, Web Application

How does it alert me?

Audible, Visual

How does it communicate inside my home?


How does it send information outside my home?



Manufacturer: Honeywell
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