PAL Locator

A GPS locator watch for people who tend to wander off and get lost due to Autism, Dementia, etc. This device allows caregivers to set indoor or outdoor safe zones. If those safe zones are crossed, the watch sets off a visual and audible alarm. The watch also sends the wanderer’s current location to the caregiver via email and text message. It works with smartphones or computers and has a built-in panic button.

What is it used for?

Emergency Response (PERS), Wandering and Location

Who is it meant for?


Where can I get it?


What can it measure?

GPS Tracking, PERS

How will I interact with it?

Touchscreen Console

How does it alert me?

Audible, Visual

How does it communicate inside my home?


How does it send information outside my home?

Cellular Modem


Manufacturer: PAL
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