VitalPoint HOME Monitor

VitalPoint HOME Monitor system consists of a large touch screen device and multiple sensors. This system tracks people’s vital signs including blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, weight, glucose level, prothrombin time and ratios, temperature, fluid status, and electrocardiogram data. It transmits the data to the person’s physicians and caregivers.

What is it used for?

Education and Coaching, Health Assessment, Medication Management, Personal Diagnostic Testing (PDT), Scheduling Management

Who is it meant for?

Care Facilities, Care Providers, Consumers

Where can I get it?


What can it measure?

Blood Glucose Meter, Blood Pressure Cuff, ECG Sensor, EMG Sensor, Heart Rate, Oxygen Sensor, Scale, Thermometer

How will I interact with it?

Touchscreen Console, Web Application

How does it alert me?

Audible, SMS, Visual

How does it communicate inside my home?


How does it send information outside my home?

Broadband, Phone


Manufacturer: CJPS Medical Systems
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