Are You In The Professional Care Circle?

Any individual that is paid to provide healthcare services is a member of this important team: doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, case workers, personal care attendants, emergency responders, home health aides, or health insurers. You are all greatly appreciated!


Professional Care Circle Challenges

  • Overwhelming Case Loads
  • Budgetary Contstraints
  • Looming Worker Shortages
  • Inadequate Technical Training, Resources, and Support

Key Terms

Professional Care Circle
People who receive compensation for their involvement in managing another’s health.

Home Health Monitoring (HHM)
The act of placing technology devices within the home to help measure an individual’s wellbeing, activity or specific health condition.

Minnesota Home Health Technology Center (MHHTC)
An online resource center, based in Minnesota, that provides information and training to empower consumers and professionals in the use of home health technologies.